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Rooney Scuppered by New Contract

MANCHESTER - England - Wayne Rooney has confirmed he wants to leave Manchester United, however, he has not cited money reasons but contractual complications instead.

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“Rooney’s spokesman, Alan Pandersting, told the Manchester Herald that his client has a very good reason for wanting to leave Manchester United football club.”

“My client is rather embarrassed by this disclosure to his fans and the club, but he can’t write his name on the contract, for the very simple reason, he cannot read or write. He is also unable to speak coherent English, or any other language. He simply grunts, and when at home at Waynsor Castle – the mock Tudor mansion he shares with his long suffering wife – he is put in a cage where well paid servants throw raw pieces of meat at him. We are therefore sorry for Old Trafford’s loss, Alex Ferguson’s loss and the Man U fans who will bear the brunt of Wayne’s caveman ways.”

The Manchester United board of directors at one time tried to get Mr Rooney to sign the contract by dipping his hand in a pot of paint but this backfired after the twelve people holding Mr Rooney down were injured terribly in the frantic scuffle that took place in the board room.

“Rooney was like a caged animal, at one point he bit one of the directors then threw an attendant out of the third floor window. We’re even thinking of bringing in a tranquiliser gun so that we can get his signature thumbprint,” Sammo Gesticule, the club’s injury specialist told the Sun.

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