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EU Asks Germany to Bail Out Duchess of York

FRANKFURT - Germany - In addition to bailing out half of Europe, the German people are now being asked to bail out an ex-member of the British Royal family, Sarah Ferguson, to the tune of millions of euros.

EU economists are now urging Germany to bail out Britain’s Duchess of York, who is in deep trouble at the moment after spending lots of money she doesn’t have on very expensive things and living in luxury – much like the Greek government.

“I got a call from Herman today and he wants us to give Fergie a few million pounds so that she can carry on with her spending sprees. I said, sure, why not. We Germans are very gullible and we like to be taken for a ride. Besides, the Windsors are all bloody German anyway. Of course you have heard of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas? Fergie is not really part of that clan, but she married into it at one point,” Chancellor Merkel told Germany’s Scheisse News Network.

After hearing the wonderful news, the Duchess immediately caught a first class flight to the South of France to continue spending money like water.

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