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How Schengen Open Door Policy Was Downfall of EU Empire

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU architects are the engineers of their own demise, and have condemned Europe to destruction through Schengen.



The Schengen open door policy was meant to promote free movement of only the beautiful European people, the blue eyed, the blonde haired with successful professional jobs, country houses in multiple EU countries, and beautiful cultured friends tucked away all over the continent. It was not meant for sub-Saharans, or for Afghans or for all the rest streaming across Europe’s porous borders in need of housing, welfare, and sustenance. These are the tenets of what the EU project called for prescribed by the unelected EU Commission and EU architects all those years ago.

Suicide by Schengen

The Schengen zone was not designed for wars. The EU unelected elite do not know anything about military matters, they are only concerned about their economy and commerce and keeping the doors open to anything that comes through without question. They never even thought that the Schengen zone is a channel for heavy duty weaponry and bomb making equipment to be smuggled, or that hardcore, heavily trained militants could simply walk into the EU with no checks.

The EU architects did not factor in that massive people smuggling operations run by criminals would benefit from the Schengen zone, or that smuggling high grade drugs would become so easy.

Architects of their own destruction

This leads us to believe that the architects of the EU are idiots, maybe they are intellectuals on some level but they are completely moronic illogical irresponsible fucking unintelligent bonkers mad elitest ass holes who have completely messed up the continent of Europe. You are a disgrace to the word ‘elite’ because you did not factor in all eventualities before you set up your little EU utopian Schengen project, which has left whole boulevards in Paris resembling a refugee camp, and allowed shanty towns to congregate on the sea shores of Calais. It is your irresponsible policies that have caused this mess, and the EU architects should take the full blame for their ridiculous insane EU hell that we are all now living in.

If you count on safety and do not think of danger, if you do not know enough to be wary when enemies arrive, this is called a sparrow nesting on a tent, a fish swimming in a cauldron – they won’t last the day.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again with the same negative result, and this is what the EU leaders are doing. They are molly coddled in their own expensive cotton wool la la land of EU policies and diktats, but cannot see anything in front of their own eyes. The EU architects are visionaries of their own dystopia, the EU is a desert, there is now no hope or any future for the continent under the trampled shit splattered cloak of the EU.

Lift no finger

For those wishing upon the destruction of the EU, you do not have to lay a single finger, because the people who are running the show now are condemned to their own demise, and they will take the people down with them kicking and screaming. Such is the arrogance of the elitist eurocrats that they never admit to their mistakes, or their flaws, or their disasters, they will instead happily murder millions of people to keep their positions.

May the Schengen open door policy be kept open for all to invade the continent, let us see how much anarchy, chaos and terror Europe can take before someone with some real logic does something.

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