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£56 Million Lottery Winner Buys Greece

ATHENS - Greece - After winning the huge Euromillions jackpot last week, Nigel Page and his partner have acquired the country for a knock down price.

“We were looking for something to spend our money on, and then the Greek bankruptcy sale came along. It was as if Zeus himself offered us the country on a silver platter. We can’t wait to shack up in the Acropolis, chill out on our own private beaches and relax in the country’s many tavernas,” Mr Page said.

The final purchase price for the ailing debt ridden country was only £25 million leaving plenty of cash for the couple to enjoy their time in their new home.

“It’s not every day that you get to own your own country. We’re certainly not as rich as Richard Branson, but I think we’ve got one up on him,” Mr Page added.

Even though the country was put up for sale at knock down prices, there were no takers until the lottery winners came along.

“No one wanted to acquire the country because it comes with a debt of $700 billion. I don’t think this lottery guy who paid the money knows what he is getting into,” one of the Goldman Sachs analysts who brokered the deal told Sky News.

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