The Greek Trojan Horse that Sunk Europe

ATHENS - Greece - As in Virgil's Aeneid, so too has Europe been taken down by the Greeks like the ancient city of Troy.

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” and maybe the Europeans should have watched their backs before they were suckered into accepting this debt-ridden economic liability into their arms so readily.

“The only reason the Greeks were allowed into Europe is because they’re Christian. They have no credentials as an economic power, and are in fact a huge burden on Europe’s economy. Greece is a moth-eaten debt black hole seeping with corruption, waste and greed for subsidies from rich European taxpayers. We are funding their useless wasteful economy that serves no purpose but to be a parasite on our formerly stable economy,” Francois Ellul, a chief economic strategist for the French government told Le Figaro.

The wealthy European states who so readily welcomed the PIGS into their open arms are now paying the true price of their imprudence.

“The walls were breached without a fight. There were no hoards of Turks besieging the walls of Europe, instead the fortifications were brought down from the inside and through deception. The so-called friendly Greeks sucked the coffers dry and are now looking to be bailed out by the same people they have effectively stolen from,” Mr Ellul added.