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The Greek Trojan Horse that Sunk Europe

ATHENS - Greece - As in Virgil's Aeneid, so too has Europe been taken down by the Greeks like the ancient city of Troy.

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“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” and maybe the Europeans should have watched their backs before they were suckered into accepting this debt-ridden economic liability into their arms so readily.

“The only reason the Greeks were allowed into Europe is because they’re Christian. They have no credentials as an economic power, and are in fact a huge burden on Europe’s economy. Greece is a moth-eaten debt black hole seeping with corruption, waste and greed for subsidies from rich European taxpayers. We are funding their useless wasteful economy that serves no purpose but to be a parasite on our formerly stable economy,” Francois Ellul, a chief economic strategist for the French government told Le Figaro.

The wealthy European states who so readily welcomed the PIGS into their open arms are now paying the true price of their imprudence.

“The walls were breached without a fight. There were no hoards of Turks besieging the walls of Europe, instead the fortifications were brought down from the inside and through deception. The so-called friendly Greeks sucked the coffers dry and are now looking to be bailed out by the same people they have effectively stolen from,” Mr Ellul added.

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  2. It is hard to believe that the current crop
    of lazy, stupid, crooked, improvident Greeks is related in any way to the ancient Greeks.
    They have gone from greatness to mediocrity, from Zeno to Zorba, from Aristotle to Aristotle Onassis! What! Mighty Greece has won 2 Nobel Prizes!? 2? Christ! That ties them with Bosnia and East Timor!!

  3. The greeks look upon themselves as so superior to everyone else, and they just butt fucked themselves with such ideals, no one to blame but themselves let them get out of their own mess

  4. Everyone in our kitchen we spit in ur βλακας nazi germans food i get everyone even the cleaner to spit. come and eat in our cafe eat your food nazi shitt u think u better then us? go to any place in greece and enjoy the spit i even shit in ur sopa

  5. Why dont Germany and USA, mention how much of our debt went on german tanks and usa aircrafts for our army? Nato and EU keeps tension between us and Turkey so we spend lots of money on their weapons.
    Why dont you european complain about Clinton, having dropped into europe, his uranium bombs (Bosnia).
    Isnt Siemens that bribed politicians in Greece to get contracts? You really beleive that everyone is clean, but us?
    Wasnt German taxpayers, the ones that gave enormous help to USA, last year? Wasnt usa companies that partied on this money afterwards?
    Do you know how much money spend your goverments on peace wars like in Iraq? Have they convinced you, that these wars arent caused for the sake of oil companies?
    Isnt USA, that prints money and pays for oil instead of

  6. We have cancelled our family greek summer holiday for this year and possibly for all time. Instead we will go eleswhere, probably stay in the UK.

  7. When Germans were living in caves the Greeks were building temples and statues with highly civilized culture.

    We do not need Germans help we go to IMF instead.

  8. I am from Mykonos and I know English and Germans who come here they have foods and we do inside the foods lots of things like kaka and peep . My friend he wants more Germans to come here in summer so he can put spunk inside germans Moussaka.

  9. I think it is quite fitting that the so-called ‘Cradle of Western Civilization’ has now been swallowed up the EU a state with Fascist Dictatorial and Marxist principles.

  10. ‘The financial minister of Greece announced yesterday that from 1/1/2011 all financial transactions of sums above 1500 euros in cash, will be banned. For any transaction above 1500 euros, only credit cards and checks will be legal. The formal explanation for this law is it will combat those who do not pay taxes. But we all know this is not the case…


  11. Now what we need is for the UK to join the Euro and the size of that deficit will truly ensure the currencies demise.

    Mandy says its ok so it must be right?

  12. They lied, they died. Greeks lied about their debt and went on a spending party, now it’s time to pay up and they stick out their begging bowl further? Time to pay up greasers you just effed by Goldman Sachs..

  13. They could sell the Acropolis for a few dollars……that might claw back some of the $600 billion debts…..

    I’ll put in a starting bid of $50

  14. Greece was always the Achilles Heel of Europe. They’re going down whether they get bailed out or not and I think they might take the Euro with them as well.

    I have to say thanks to Greece though because i’ve made a serious packet by shorting the Euro. Thank you Greece.

  15. The Greeks invented buggery, that’s their claim to fame, their whole society is built upon homosexuality and paedophilia. This is what they brought to Western culture.

  16. I love this, as a Turk living in France it pleases me to see how the greeks are held in reverence all the time when in reality they are lower than the dog shit on Sarkozy’s shoe. I hope you enjoy your day in hell you swines, and as for Turkiye we were right to stay out of the Christian club of brown nosers.

    Fuck the EU and fuck the greeks wher eit hurts!

  17. Toxic debt, thay can bail those PIGS as much as they want, it’s like trying to bail addicts and compulsive thieves out. They will take the money and continue to do what they were doing before. Greece is weak and by bailing them out you are simply prolonging their demise. This will keep Europe getting sucked under for many years, THey need to just cut that country out and set it free to fail not try and save them?

  18. Greeks are chickenhearted wastage people.You can just spend moneys that not yours and u think u are better then us?.But in the real life Turks fucks u everytime. Look at u now loosers. Greeks r sucking cock of all europens.But greeks ass is reserved for Turks like 500 years 🙂 since1453Ä°STANBUL forever !!! hahahaha

    Ebenizi sikiyim oruspu picler

  19. Britain is now going to be forced to bail out Greece to the tune of £60 billion even though we’re not in the Eurozone.

    That money would be best served bailing out our own economy but no! They demand that we bail out the greasy Bubbles!!!!!!

  20. Now the Trojan Horse ?

    In early history, it was said that the British Empire was in fact A MAJOR DRUG DEALER !

    Remember, the Opium wars !

    The gangs also included the French and the Amerikans.

    Anyway, in the recent speech by the US
    Spokesman, the words were our own national interests !

    They say the formation of the EU was the brainchild of the US.

    And in the recent manipulations, the US has already made billions; even including the $16 billions arms sales.

  21. the only gifts the greeks are willing to give now are molotov cocktails….quite fitting really, let the rioting commence..

  22. They can be bailed out by the Germans as much as they want but the mess will just get worse and worse.

  23. With reference to the Turk. Europe should have accepted this muslim country instead of the Greeks, the EU wouldn't be in this unholy mess now. I know that will never happen tho simply cuz of religion

  24. They should throw them out of the EU. Why should we fund them? They have dug their own grave, let them suffer the consequences.

  25. A Hedge Fund managers dream this is. Soon the Acropolis will be in flames and the eagles will have their picking. Adios Greeky !

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