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Ed Balls Sings Castrato at Lambeth Council Meeting

LONDON - England - Labour MP and cabinet minister, Ed Balls, stunned a local council meeting when he started to sing in a high-pitched castrato voice after turning up unannounced.

It is a form of entertainment that some opera lovers pay a lot of money for, but this time members attending a local council meeting were serenaded by cabinet minister Ed Balls at a local Lambeth council meeting.

“I think he was trying to show us that he’s worth our time for the upcoming election. We half expected him to sing with a low manly voice but instead he came out with a high-pitched squeak. It was quite alarming actually and some members for the meeting hurriedly walked out because they found it so funny. After Balls did a rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ in his castrato voice, there were people doubling up on the floor with laughter,” Councillor George Edwin, told the Mirror newspaper.

Mr Balls turned up at the meeting to the astonishment of the assembled council members without an announcement. He was shadowed by a BBC film crew and some local reporters who watched the performance in its entirety before retreating from the meeting in hysterics.

The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families is set to attend other Labour controlled councils across the South East to try and rally the troops for the coming general election.

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