New Song by Michael Heseltine: “Who Snuffed the Dogs Out”

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - England - A song released by former Conservative MP Michael Heseltine aka Tarzan, has shot into the UK charts at number 2.



Released by the 83 year old former MP’s own record label Ungawa Records, the song is simply about strangling his dog.

“Who snuffed the dogs out? Who snuffed the dogs out? Hezza! Hezza! Hezza!” a sample of some of the lyrics which go on a permanent loop for three and a half minutes include a soundbite from Margaret Thatcher saying “Get orf my neck!”

The eighties drum machine sound is very retro, and also the very realistic sound of a gurgling dog in the background while Heseltine conducts an almighty Tarzan wail makes for interesting listening.

All proceeds of the record will not go to the RSPCA but will instead be funnelled into Heseltine’s latest acquisition, a duck house in his large pond, so he can shoot the shit out of the ducks when they’re trying to nest.