DEFCON 3 : USA Steps Up to the Plate For Russian Threat

NORAD COLORADO SPRINGS - USA - According to many sources, we are now at DEFCON 3, due to the deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia.



Thanks to David Cameron’s cutbacks on UK’s military, Britain is practically naked to the force knocking on our door.

Daily reports of invasive aerospace incursions by Russian bombers, or incursions by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, a Soviet era rust bucket that could still do some damage, accompanied by seven other naval craft are signs of intimidation that must be halted.

Theresa May must increase MoD spending immediately and Britain must increase its fighting and defence capabilities or things will get very hairy very soon.

Because of David Cameron’s cut backs, we don’t even have surveillance aircraft any more, such is the depth of decline caused by the former PM on our armed forces.

Meanwhile, America’s DEFCON warning system according to this site and numerous other sources has been upgraded to level 3. If it reaches level 1, then we have a full scale nuclear war on our hands. The last time the DEFCON defence system was at 3 was post the 911 attacks.

Due to tensions in Syria/Yemen with multiple nations fighting within the same zone, sooner or later there had to be a confrontation between Russia and America who both want the same piece of the pie.

Of course, most people do not care about this going on, especially when Come Dancing is such a hot topic on the mainstream media, so maybe it is in your best interests to simply go back to sleep and not worry your little mind on anything serious.

Go back to sleep. Remember, ignorance is bliss. Carry on watching your reality shows on TV and all the other awful banal dross that distracts from what is actually going on.