Freed Lockerbie Bomber on Luxury Caribbean Cruise

BARBADOS - West Indies - Convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdulbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who was freed from prison early after Gordon Brown's government made some lucrative Libyan oil deals, has been spotted on a holiday cruise in the Caribbean.

“This morning he played some shuffleboard with the other ship mates, he’s really quite good you know and had us in stitches when recounting his old bomber days,” first shipman, Arthur Gunther Haines, told the Daily Mail.

After a bountiful buffet lunch, Mr. Megrahi was spotted in the dance class learning the Hokie Cokie. He then attended the karaoke bar for a spot of singing where his rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ received wild applause from the party crowd.

“Tomorrow we’re disembarking in Antigua for a few days of sun, sea and wild sex. I’ve heard the beaches are fantastic, and the local girls are a dream to behold. I can’t bloomin’ wait,” Mr. Megrahi said.

The Caribbean cruise will last for three months and Mr. Megrahi says he wants to continue the good times by going on a safari in Kenya next.

“I’m having the time of my life. It beats sitting in a dirty, smelly Scottish jail eh folks,” Mr. Megrahi added before jumping into the luxurious swimming pool teaming with bikini clad lovelies.