Man Tweets During Heart Attack

NEW YORK - USA - Ed Herlihy, a 58 year old Twitter addict and car salesman from Queens, was today recovering in a hospital after having a massive heart attack on the way to work.

Mr Herlihy was on the way to work in the morning in his car and was just crossing the Brooklyn bridge when the massive heart attack struck.

“I was just crossing the fuckin’ river when I felt this motherfuckin’ huge pain in my chest. I immediately got my iphone out and got onto twitter for an update. I even took a photo of my face as I crumpled up on the floor of my fuckin’ car. It didn’t matter that I was travelling at sixty fuckin’ miles an hour. I got the tweet update in and that’s all I cared about. Even when I ran over that poor bastard in a wheel chair, it still didn’t matter. I couldn’t breathe either, and my vision went blurry, I was still goddamn tweeting,” he said from his hospital bed.

Twitter fans across the globe were today praising Mr Herlihy’s courage and his incredible heart attack tweet.

“They’re calling him the ‘heart attack tweeter’ and the ‘tweetliner’ as opposed to the ‘flatliner,” a twitter commentator told CNN.

The Twitter hashtag, ‘twitattack’ is now extremely popular.

All across the social media site, the tribute accounts were exploding with gushing stories of Ed Herlihy’s heroism.

“The next step is tweeting from the other side. We’ve had someone tweeting during cardiac arrest, we need to have tweets from the after life next huh?” Hubert Manson, a tech expert told Wired Magazine.