Younger Generation Will Have to Be De-Programmed From Years of EU Indoctrination

LONDON - England - The level of mass EU indoctrination and brainwashing on Britain's youth has been evident during and after the EU referendum.

There is a generation of the population who have grown up under the European Union, they have been through the education system and indoctrinated in EU processes, and the EU is all they have known.

These people will have to slowly be de-programmed from the deep endemic technique used to program them to EU servitude.

Through Britain’s education system, from primary to university, students are conditioned over the years in EU programs and ideology of Marxist collectivisation.

It is up to the Brexit government to help the indoctrinated youth in breaking free from their programming. Schools and all educational institutions must have their programs altered to address the reality as opposed to the blatant brainwashing of our youth.

These people are like NPCs in video games (Non Player Characters), as they are programmed to follow their EU masters at all junctures, and are formulated from birth with deep EU programming through educationally instilled indoctrination.

De-programming the youth may now take two or three generations to combat the vast EU programming. We can see the strength and level of programming that brainwashed the young from some of their reaction during the EU referendum where many did not know why they were pro-EU but found themselves uncontrollably waving the EU flag at every opportunity. In most cases, the brainwashing was so powerful that the youth were not aware of what they were doing.