Gordon Brown’s ‘Cuts’ Cause for Concern?

LONDON - England - Political pundits in Westminster were said to be baffled by the revelation that the ailing unelected PM may have missed a letter in the Labour government's 'cuts' announced recently.

“Surely there is a letter missing when describing Gordon Brown as a ‘cut’, does anyone know what that letter could be?” an ex-Labour cabinet minister told the BBC.

Gordon Brown finally admitted today at a press conference that he was a ‘cut of the highest order’ and therefore should be viewed as a ‘cut above the rest’.

“It’s quite, seeemples really…Gordo’s a ‘cut’ and one only has to look at his face and utter the word ‘cut’, you know, like you’re a director or something. In fact, if you were a director and Gordo was the leading man as it were, you’d yell ‘cut’ before he left his bloody trailer. Wouldn’t want his ugly morose face on your set would you?” Budd Dwyer, an old friend of the prime minister’s told an ITN news crew mid afternoon.

Remember folks, Gordo promised us all about being a ‘cut’ and that he was adverse to being one, that is until he had to admit to his ‘cuttish’ party that he really was a ‘cut’ and that every lying promise he made was now on the ‘cutting floor’ of ‘cuts’ and there was nothing any ‘cut’ could do about it.