Katie Price Does Not Want to Talk About It

ESSEX - England - Ex-glamour model Katie Price, aka Jordan does not want to talk about something for a change.

Speaking to the Sun on Tuesday the ex-model said: “Yeah, I got raped but I did not report it and I don’t want to talk about it either. I don’t want anybody asking who did it and I don’t want any future questions asked about this incident even though I’m telling you now not to talk about it. Comprende? Or summink like that.”

The ex-model who has been touting the fact that she does not want anyone to talk about her rape by a mystery person to all the tabloid papers and gossip mags all week now is exhausted and needs her sixth holiday in two months.

“I’m going to have to have another holiday with meathead at some dodgy Benidorm package slapper hell resort where I will invite all the tabloids to join me as long as they keep pestering me about the rape incident by the mystery fella. He’s a top celeb I tell ya but I won’t tell you’se lot who he is yet,” Jordan tells a waiting crew of paparazzi she has invited into her bathroom to watch her wiping her arse.

Investigators are wondering who could have raped Jordan? Perhaps Israel? Or maybe some D-lister with who was caught out when the cheque bounced resulting in Jordan going around the world’s press telling everyone not to talk about someone who ‘allegedly’ raped her after her public profile plummeted recently.

  • fd. LOL


  • Wills

    she’s a liar and she should be prosecuted for wasting police time and making false allegations. they should jail her for this. it’s women like her who cause all the trouble.

  • Mimi

    Janice aka Jordan aka Katie

  • Rosco

    I don’t know who she is but she looks damn ugly! WTF up with her lips?

  • Tanya Lewis

    Jordan is trying to brush it under the carpet now because it was never true and just a load of bullshit..no one ever raped her..
    just another attention seeking stunt. What a sick fuck…rape should not be trivialised like Jordan has done. Makes me sick

  • Shaz

    I feel sorry for Jordan she looks awful in that pic. Poor woman you can see the stress on her face as if she’s aged 30 years.

    Stop being so harsh on her leave her be.