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Monopoly Money Beats Weak British Pound Sterling

LONDON - England - The UK's currency, the pound sterling, is now weaker than Monopoly game money according to monetary analysts.

Economic analysts were shocked yesterday at how far the pound sterling
has fallen from grace thanks to Labour’s disastrous policies.

One Monopoly note is now worth £25.67 as of writing this article. The
UK pound is now way below the Mexican Peso or Guatemalan Quetzal for
the first time in history.

“I paid for my breakfast this morning with Monopoly money from my son’s
board game at home. I tried to pay with pounds, but they were rejected
by the ‘caf’ staff. With 50 Monopoly money notes I was able to buy a
full English breakfast including eggs, baked beans, sausage, black
pudding, bacon, fresh lard and a side order of chips,” Timothy
Carbunkle, chief investment strategist for Morgan Stanley’s Global
Wealth Management Group, recounted from his 35th floor office in Canary

The Bank of England is now relocating its offices to Toys R Us and other top toy retailers that sell Monopoly games.

The UK Pound is worthless, and all around the UK people have been finding novel uses for it.

Jane McCorkey from Isle of Dogs used to have £25,000 under her bed
stashed away from a life of hard labour. Now 73 years old, she is using
the money to heat her home for the winter because ‘pounds burn better’.

Amy Robinson and her family of seven from East Grimsdale, Yorkshire were
planning a once in a lifetime trip to France for a week and saved up £2,400 over 15 years. Now that the UK pound does not even register on
the world markets, they are using the paper British pound sterling money as papier
mâché puppets for the children’s entertainment on cold dark winter

Meanwhile in Number10 Downing Street, Gordon Brown and his aides were filmed
last week playing the Monopoly board game with the now defunct UK pound.

The unelected PM has been praised for his great leadership and economic
miracle by the state news service the BBC on Friday with another groveling
sycophantic brown-nosing session.

“It has been announced by our supreme unelected leader that the British pound is now worthless, therefore, citizens will now have to pay for their TV licence with Monopoly game money so that we can carry on being paid our obscene salaries funded by you,” Bangla Chakrabati, a BBC newsreader announced last weekend.

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  1. Fear not !
    We have all ganged up.
    We too have formed the axis (EU, etc.).
    We have manipulated the East since ancient times.
    They will always remained tune to our rhetorics.
    We use our religion to teach them to be poor, and have reached rural areas as far as in Sarawak, East Malaysia !
    Imagine, they can’t even say god in english !
    We do.
    The West based, on the plan will always be the riches countries in this world.
    We will milk the East of their $$$$ !
    We follow the cowboy law ?

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