Osborne’s Commitment to Reducing Migration Within the EU is the Real Fantasy Politics

LONDON - England - George Osborne is living in a fantasy land of dreams if he says he wants to reduce migration yet is campaigning to remain in the EU.

Responding to George Osborne’s accusations of ‘fantasy politics’, Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart said:

‘The real fantasy politics is George Osborne’s commitment to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands while at the same time campaigning to remain in the EU.

‘The reality for the British people if we stay in is that Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey – with a combined population of 88 million – will all soon join the EU. When they do, EU migration to the UK could increase by 5 million.

‘David Cameron’s renegotiation was another flight of fantasy which has achieved nothing. The only way to get real change – to take back control of our borders, introduce a points-based non-discriminatory immigration system and achieve an immigration rate that has the consent of the public is to Vote Leave on 23 June.’