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Why Globalists Will Have to Re-Think Their Strategy

LONDON - England - The certain ascension of Donald Trump is indeed a wake up call for globalists simply because a populist away from the Internationalist agenda has most egregiously secured himself a spot on the Republican nomination podium.

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Thus, the usually heavily controlled process of nomination in the upcoming U.S. election has been thrown off kilter.

Globalists must understand one thing, and that racial, religious hatreds are ingrained in societies even today in 2016. The world is one of division, of parity, and even though there are some portions of the world living in so-called civilised Western country’s there are others living in areas holding traditions from thousands of years ago.

It should not be ‘racist’ to suggest that some races of humans are different to others, when they clearly are, scientifically this difference in racial types is frowned upon and the research dusted under the carpet, however there is truth in the matter that over the centuries different racial groups developed in their own unique way.

It is also frowned upon to suggest that different racial groups have varying levels of IQ, although this measure has many variables, there is conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that some races are different to others in intelligence. Within the global community, there is of course a common ground, however it may take many centuries for some cultures and racial groups to reach the level of others.

This is why, the globalists are having such a hard time at the moment, this is a time of consolidation. Of course, the globalists know of the vast differences within the human spectrum, however they seem to think that by putting this unholy soup together in one pot everything will be dandy. They are wrong in this assumption, and one only has to study ancient history to realise that humans have barely evolved since.

Naturally, there are infinite variables to realise when conducting a global exercise in mixing, but one seems to think that there is also a level of hypocrisy in the global agenda. Would the almighty globalist deem him or herself equal to one of the masses, or relative in intelligence to someone who exists in extreme poverty and can only utter a few words? The answer is probably not, and yet, the globalists want to clash the civilisations anyway, and try to somehow make it work.

Globalists must also understand that it is not only racial, cultural, intelligence that divides but religion is the greatest divider of all. Yes, of course they know that already, however, if one is to build a true global community, the divisive nature of religion must be amalgamated maybe into a singular religion or to have all religion erased completely. The time will come when this choice will have to be made.

The European Union is now accepting millions of Muslims from war torn Syria, but what the Muslims entering the EU do not know is that their religion will be watered down, tamed and Europeanised. This is the challenge the EU has set for itself, and it will eviscerate Islam by first taming the religion, to change it from its root and evolve it into something else. The EU itself is a religion, as much as Communism is, it holds the tenets of many religions as it is a man made institution holding allegiance to an almighty state/God.

There are no clear answers to the global agenda, however the future is one that can only be shaped by the few.

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