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The Spy Who Facebooked Me

LONDON - England - The newly appointed head of MI6 Britain's Intelligence Service, is secretly conducting a Top Secret mission to divulge private and state secrets on the popular social networking website, Facebook.

Adorned in Speedo swimming trunks on his Facebook page, the newly appointed head of MI6 is on a secret mission to not only look like a total prat but to tell everyone everything about his secret life as the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service.

“We’re on a secret mission to tell everyone about the secrecy of our lives. That’s the mission. I am embedded on Facebook to tell everyone about the secret nature of the secret service and let everyone know, who I am; where I live and who my friends are; what I enjoy doing; what f*cking toothpaste I use; when I enjoy doing what I do and how I enjoy doing these things. It’s all part of working in a Top Secret manner. I’m sure James Bond would approve,” the new head of MI6, Sir Plonker Moron wrote on his Facebook, Myspace and Bebo pages.

This is the new age of secrecy in the Secret Intelligence Service where millions of people on the internet can view secret and sensitive material that can compromise the lives and effective working of the MI6 in a secret manner.

Sir Plonker Moron, who will head the MI6 in June, has been appointed by the Labour government, to have his wife secretly tell millions of people details of their private lives and other secret agents: “Our secret mission is to make millions of people aware about all the tiny minutiae of our lives so that we can effectively fight the terrorists and people out to get us. It’s like if I show you everything about me, then you might actually like me and not f*cking try to kill me with a poisoned blade or a steel bowler hat à la Oddjob.”

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