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Gordon Brown’s Favourite Sports Team Wins Championship

FIFE - Scotland - There has been some good news for the British Prime Minister as his local football team, Raith Rovers, have won this years Second Division Championship after many years of losing terribly in previous seasons.

“We won! We bloody well won! Thank you Gordon for not attending a single match this season. Thank you for leaving us alone and not cursing us with your attendance,” the football team’s manager, John McGlynn told the Fife Observer.

According to Downing Street, because of the Prime Minister’s recent troubles he has been too busy to attend a single match of his favourite team this season.

Mr Brown attended a number of Raith Rovers’ games in the past resulting in the team nearly being relegated one season and losing so many matches that they were known as the ‘one legged boys’.

“Every game Gordon would attend would result in major losses. We’re glad he did not attend this season and we’re considering paying him substantial amounts of money to stay away next season as well. We might even win the First Division championship then,” Mr McGlynn was quoted as saying.

Mr Brown is famous for turning up to football games and cursing the team he is supporting. Last year, the PM attended a Scotland vs Tuvalu game wherein the Scots lost 23 – Nil.

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