Tory MP Caught Paying Tax

LONDON - England - There has been shock in the House of Commons when a Tory MP was discovered to have paid capital gains tax on his third manor house.

The Tory MP, who was caught paying tax, is now the laughing stock of the House of Commons.

“He can’t show his face here anymore, everyone knows who he is. This is a shameful day for politics when even the Labour MPs are sniggering behind his back. Yesterday, when he walked into the House of Commons bar, there was total silence and everyone just looked down onto the floor and ignored the poor old blighter,” a Commons source told our paper.

According to reports, the MP even paid for his servants quarters in his third home to be furnished with his own money, as well as his moat being cleaned without the taxpayers help.

“Once this was all exposed by the Telegraph, his days were numbered in parliament. We can’t have MPs paying tax or for repairs on their mansions. He might as well start packing his bags because he’s a dead man walking,” another source said.

The internal MPs investigation unit headed by Jacqui Smith will delve into the taxing scandal and will report to the parliamentary commission tomorrow.