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Gordon Brown to Put P45 on Expenses

LONDON - England - Unelected leader of the Labour government, Gordon Brown is preparing to put his P45 on his expense sheet Westminster pundits are claiming.

The beleaguered unelected unelectable head of the Labour government says that he will be entitled to claim his P45 on expenses as well as the cost of moving out of Number 10.

New Deal

According to high ranking Downing Street aides, the prime minister who is set to be finally ousted from his position, will claim the removal truck fees to the taxpayer.

“Gordon and his family don’t have much in the way of belongings but because of the nature of his employ, there will have to be a security escort out of Downing Street to protect the Brown’s from the baying crowds, mobs and rotten tomato throwers,” a Downing street staffer revealed to the Daily Squib.

Mr Brown’s ratings are currently the highest they have been in the polls, which is 23% lower than the worst ever polling prime minister or politician in British history.

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  1. I have to congratulate the Squib for preempting the coup event of the century.

    Brown is going to be forced to hand his P45 in soon enough. Wow. Half the cabinet resigned today plus the votes will be in soon ahhahahahahaha

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