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Experts: Why Global Government Should Not Mean Complete Destruction of Nationalism

LONDON - England - The Institute of De-Nationalisation and Global Unity has released a brief report on numerous global problems pertaining to nationalism within sovereign nations.

If one was to look at history, it is peppered with division. Each nation state standing today was once many divisions, principalities, until a unitary catalyst brought the nation together as one. Naturally, the divisions within each nation state still exist to some extent, however, these divisions are dampened to accommodate the greater united nation.

The same applies to all global nations today, where individual nationalism is being slowly dampened, to accommodate the coming global government and currency. There will be a time of metamorphosis, however this change will bring about a symbiotic relationship incorporating a lesser role for nationalism and a greater role for the New World Order within a sustainable coherent framework.

Naturally, there are many hurdles to pass before such an all encompassing unity prevails across the globe, as there are still some nations within the global community who are out of the loop, for example N. Korea and Iran, to mention a few.

By reaching a common goal globally there may be a coming together through a common enemy, or environmental incident of great magnitude.

If a rogue alien ship were to land in a country today, then send out attack forces across the globe to every human city, this event in itself would create immediate unity amongst the global community, but this is just a fictional scenario.

Let’s look at the unity in the United States created by the Pearl Harbour-esque event of 911. After September 11, 2001 there was mass unity and empathetic solidarity across America. It was an ‘us’ and ‘them’ dialectic course amplifying nationalism within the United States almost overnight. People were lining up to join the military, waving U.S. flags at every turn and agreeing to any governmental law curtailing freedom without question. When 2003 came along and the call was to go to war in Iraq, there was little or no resistance from the American people, especially with 911 footage being beamed into living rooms on a daily basis.

The same principle technique could easily be utilised across the globe either through a common enemy scenario or through other slower means.

Through mass forced migration, where millions of people enter previously closed countries at a high rate of speed, there is a jolt of realisation for many that there is a whole world out there, and that other people and cultures reside outside of their borders. This initially negative effect is a very useful technique in inoculating the indigenous population of their privilege. The West seems to feel that they can make up 8% of the global population yet use up 60% of the earth’s resources.

Not only will nationalism have to be watered down before global government and one world currency is installed, but so will religion, as some forms of religion seek to dominate and alienate others. There will have to be a point where a single world religion will be introduced and incorporated for the whole global community superseding all previous incarnations. That is not to say that all other religions would be banned, but they would be either incorporated or dampened suitably to make way for the complete global/universal scientific technical allegiance. Inclusivity not exclusuvity.

Once complete global unity is achieved, either through peaceful techniques or through military, each nation will be allowed to keep some national identity, but it will be heavily controlled, and monitored. Linguistic differences between previous nations will also be steered towards a singular global language yet allowing previous languages to continue on a lesser scale.

Nationalism, multiple religions – all polarising techniques will eventually disappear through generational breeding during the new epoch of technological supremacy leading onto the coming singularity. Artificial Intelligence, will no doubt bring new questions for humanity, and those who make the evolutionary leap to enhancement will further divide the populace, however these are theoretical points left for the future.

Next week : Universalism Beyond Globalism

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