Putin Invites Cameron Round For a Cup of Tea

MOSCOW - Russia - The recent state visit by British PM, David Cameron has gone very well according to Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

“Drink up, drink up, you are welcome,” Vladimir Putin, the Russian president told Mr. Cameron at a recent tea drinking session at the Kremlin.

Britain’s prime minister, was invited by the Russian kingpin for a cup of very English tea.

“I, I, don’t know if I should,” Cameron said looking around nervously, at one point sniffing the cup tentatively.

“It is good Russian tea, I myself drink it every morning,” a grudgingly jovial Putin said whilst pushing the cup towards Cameron.

“Okay, if you insist, er, *glug, glug, glug*!”

“There you are, don’t you feel better now, more refreshed?”

“Yes, yes, I suppose I do..er..hang on..eaaargh! Ungggghh! The pain…”