EU Referendum: In or Out Vote Does Not Matter

LONDON - EU - Already overcrowded Britain has been compromised with little or no effort. This has been one of the easiest operations so far in the upcoming EU referendum.

Whether one votes to stay In or Out in the EU referendum does not matter because the vote has already been sealed, a team of electoral invigilators and commissioners has revealed.

“If the government is for the EU, and David Cameron has hushed up any dissenters, there is nothing anyone can do about it. What we have here is a sealed deal already brokered years ago, by the UK government and the EU. We must understand that the politicians and visible bureaucrats reside well below the apex of the pyramid. These people are mere messengers and deliver their words which are carefully crafted from the highest echelons. If they do not do as they are told, the money is cut off and they are immediately ousted. One must also understand that the intricate financial system is geared at the moment towards global government and a cashless society. To get in the way of this would be suicide for any official as they all have their careers in mind, their duck houses and country homes. Everything you do at the polls on polling day is therefore inconsequential, simply because the deal has already been completed some time ago. For now, it is best to just sit back, enjoy the theatrical heavily controlled show and prepare for the onslaught of the pro-EU propaganda, as it will be heavy, it will come from every speaker and every screen. There is nothing you can do about it apart from switch off all heavily controlled mainstream media,” Miles Danforth, the Presiding Officer for the electoral commission detailed in his last speech, before being removed from office and made destitute.