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Oil Found in George W Bush’s Protected Pacific National Monument

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Last week George W Bush declared a large area of the Pacific ocean as a protected monument, that is until oil was found the next day.

The drilling has already started in the protected National George W Bush Pacific Ocean Center.

U.S. President George W. Bush designated nearly 200,000 square miles (518,000 sq km) of the Pacific ocean on Tuesday as a protected region, White House officials reported. By Wednesday things had changed when oil was struck.

“Dubya declared this area a national heritage zone only yesterday. Today we’re drilling for oil. We got tonnes of it here, even more than Iraq. The soon to be ex-president just could not help himself when he was told,”Al Frankenheimy of the Pacific Oil Drilling company based in San Diego told CNN.

Already the oil companies who have been ordered into the area by George W Bush have dug huge trenches into the coral reefs within the area and are dumping vast amounts of toxic waste into the water.

A spokesman for one of the companies was apologetic for the mess created but emphatically denied that any permanent damage would result with the toxic waste dispersed due to the drilling.

“Those fish will survive even though they are coated in toxic chemicals and oil. This is good for our country and that’s what counts. We have already extracted 20 tonnes of rock and are now drilling into the lower sediment area where the oil is held.”

Bush, who often draws ire from activists for his record on environmental issues, will declare three areas in the central Pacific “marine national oil expeditions,” spokeswoman Dana Burrito said.

“He’s polluted, murdered and killed the earths environment, people and animals. Why should he stop now?” Ms Burrito added shrugging her shoulders.

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