Israeli Property Developers Ready to Move Into Gaza

TEL AVIV - Israel - Gaza has been earmarked for re-development by real estate companies in Israel, a high ranking Israeli official has admitted.

Moshe Rabin, a property developer from Tel Aviv is licking his lips at the prospect of building more real-estate in Gaza. We meet him in a luxurious air conditioned office in the Herzliya district.

“Welcome my friend, welcome. We have many new penthouse apartments for you in Gaza. At the moment they are off-plan but we hope to start construction once we bulldoze away the bones and rotting carcasses of the Palestinian women and children. You will never know or realise that you are living on what was once the land of a disenfranchised people. Indeed you can say the same of much of what is Israel today, it used to belong to the untermensch and our wonderful bulldozers have simply erased them from the land completely. I know what you are thinking my friend, yes, you are thinking that we are no better than the Nazis who tried to erase us from the earth in WW2. Well, there is a profound difference my friend, they spoke German, we speak Hebrew. That’s the only difference though,” Mr Rabin, laughs hysterically as he rubs his hands incessantly eager to get down to business.

We pretend to be interested in the seafront Gaza properties and his eyes light up like beacons when we pronounce we might purchase more than one apartment.

Mr Rabin’s smile is however wiped off his face after we make our excuses and leave his luxurious office eager to get away from his carrion smile.

Real Estate opportunities in Gaza are a major issue for the Israeli government who see gold amongst the rubble and decapitated corpses of Gaza’s children.

The Israeli territories which have already been forcibly occupied are not enough for the developers anymore. With greed comes even more greed, and the developers have tasted money and are thirsting for more. The only problem is the Palestinian people who will have to be bombed out and murdered in cold blood.

“As media exercises go, we Israelis are supported by the West 110% even with our genocidal activities, but you do get the odd politician from a Western country who actually says something against Israel once in awhile. That politician usually loses their job immediately afterwards so it is not a good career move. The same also applies to journalists who dare not utter any words against the Israelis, lest they lose their jobs as well. Even bombing a UN controlled school and killing 45 women and children in Gaza is brushed under the carpet because Palestinians are not actually considered as humans, much like the Jews were not considered as humans during WW2. They are sub-human fodder, they are considered by us Zionist Nazis as only worthy of death and not worthy of life. This is why we will take even more of their lands and push them into the sea once and for all. We cannot tolerate their smell or even their presence from many miles away,” an Israeli Colonel for the IDF told CNN during a press conference.

Just like the concentration camps of Nazi occupied Poland in the second World War, there are many who choose to turn a blind eye to the plight of the Palestinian people who have suffered immensely for many years under the brutal Israeli regime. Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bełżec and Lublin were ignored by the populations living around them as well, it was as if these places were non existent even during their busiest moments. The similarity is astounding with Gaza, a cesspool of a ghetto lost under a sea of Israeli bulldozers and Panzers daily crushing the bones and rotting carcasses of dead Palestinians whilst all around is silence.

  • D.S.H

    Why should people care about the Palestinian babies burnt to a crisp with Israeli white phosphorous? It is the same when the people ignored and did not care for those in the Warsaw ghettos and camps. The same thing where people turn away and pretend it is not happening.

  • Hansa

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  • Lord Haw Haw in the UK this time

    The fact is when Moses led the Judenrat scum into Palastine people where already living on the land, so no way mate…and you Zionist Kazahri Asiatic Mongol scum who should bugger off back to the Balklands from hence you came…you are not even proper Jews your just scum, utter filth.

  • Kabel

    Palastiniens are the new jews

  • Palestinans are animals says IDF soldier
  • Hatikva

    In the Jewish heart
    A Jewish spirit still sings,
    And the eyes look east
    Toward Zion
    Our hope is not lost,
    Our hope of two thousand years,
    To be a free nation in our land,
    In the land of Zion and Jerusalem

  • Yanir

    I was today at a rally in Trafalgar Square and we assembled to fight for our rights as Israelis. We have the right to take the lands that are ours. Gaza is our territory as is the West Bank. The palestine peoples must learn to live in Israel. These are our lands as our forefathers and their fathers and not theirs as they are mistaken to believe. The land of David and Solomon. The lands where Moses brought his people.

  • Ereget Hamischpat

    Palestinians deserve no simpathy they are worse than animals they should be wiped off Israel. It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew. Gaza and West Bank is Israel. Palestinans should all be gassed to death!!!!!We should flatten their temple in Jerusalem our holy city. The Jews were here first and this is our land.

  • Nehemoth

    Israel is now using the קליפות

    There is no turning back

  • Yaacov

    Who cares? Let the dog Palestinians die under the bombs. Their land is now under Israel’s flag and they should just deal with it.


  • Deacon Jankovic

    Shame on the Israelis for adopting the ways of Adolf fact Adolf was better than them he atleast utilized great culture and arts wheras the Jewish Nazis are simply doing this for money.

  • Joel, Florida

    I’m Jewish and I don’t want this violence in my name. Israel is a rogues state and has been taken over by nazis. Not in my name Israel!!! Not in my name!!!!

  • Ron

    It is expected that the vultures would be hanging over Gaza already..there is money to be made out of peoples misery and suffering…

  • waldorf

    Isn’t that the same Mr Rabin who was in the Homeland Expatriation Unit for Bernie Madoff. Now you know how the Split Strike Conversion method for convertable derivatives and bones works.