President Bush Welcomed With Customary Iraqi Shoe Greeting

BAGHDAD - Iraq - President Bush, who was visiting Iraq for the last time before he steps down, was in a jubilant mood as the Iraqis greeted him with a special shoe throwing ceremony.

President Bush has big plans for the regeneration of Iraq and one of the first things he plans on doing is building as many shoe shops as he can for the Iraqi people.

On his last momentous visit to Iraq, the president was greeted with many shoes from the Iraqi public showing their gratitude and happiness at his presence on their home soil.

If the shoe fits..

“In Iraq, if we really like someone we throw shoes at them and slap them around with the soles of our flip flops. It is a custom that has been around for a thousand years. This is why we greeted president Bush with the soles of our shoes. He has done so much for our country,” Mahmoud Ali Akbar, who has had both of his legs amputated from the knee down and has no need for any shoes, told Iraqi Daily News.

President Bush being greeted with an Iraqi size ten shoe

The signs of progress are all too clear. Bush’s Perpetual War of Terror has brought wonderful delights to the Iraqi people, they are all now languishing in a quality of life that is unrivalled in the Middle East.

“Since the Americans came and installed democracy through the end of a barrel of a gun, we have been so happy. I have seen how democracy works from the inside of Abu Ghraib jail where I have been enjoying activities like waterboarding, electric musical chairs and scrotal bungee jumping,” Walid Abdul Masjoud told Reuters.

President Bush has been very proud of his achievements in Iraq and was on hand at the Iraqi conference to applaud his victory over the Iraqi people.

“Iraq is the new frontier in the Middle East for the New American Century. We now own this territory and we have conquered the valuable resources within this country. Every day, more oil and profits are taken from the land and we as Americans are safer in our SUV’s and Hummers on American soil. We can live in the knowledge that gas prices will stay lower than many countries because we now own the second largest oil deposits in the world.”