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Shock as BBC Joke Does Not Cause Mass Offence

LONDON - England - There was shock across the whole of Britain today when a BBC joke did not cause mass offence and national revulsion, especially amongst Daily Mail readers.

There was widespread disbelief amongst the corridors of the BBC as well as the general public when a BBC joke was aired on primetime TV and it did not cause massive ripples of national revulsion and disgust.

The joke was aired at 7.23 pm well before the 9.00 pm watershed and no one even batted an eyelid.

“Over the last few weeks everything the BBC has done has caused a massive protest of complaints. Radio DJ’s working for the BBC have borne the brunt of most of the animosity as well as a few BBC employed celebrities. This time, a joke was uttered and there was not even a sigh from a Daily Mail reader. It didn’t even register on the radar as far as we’re concerned and may, in fact, hail a turning point in the BBC’s fortunes,” Alfred Scrotum, the editor for TV Weekly wrote in his column.

The morality police might have disappeared for now but how long until they rear their ugly heads again?

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