No Anarchists Present at Million Mask March

LONDON - England - There were no anarchists present at the central London riots last night, labelled as the Million Mask March.

Real anti-capitalists and anarchists do not own smart phones, do not own a sweat shop made globalist V mask, and do not use globalist created social media to bring attention to their whereabouts or actions, and yet this was the make-up of last night’s Million Mask March rioting in London.

Real anarchists and libertarians espouse an end or severe curtailing of governmental state control, yet the rioters were simply calling for more taxation by government to end austerity, therefore these people are not anarchists but socialists, albeit the violent type of socialist.

Champagne Anarchism

When the true anarchists and nihilists arrive, these socialists will surely know about it.

As for your sweat shop made masks, iphones and your designer jeans and your labelled jackets, you must know one thing and that is you do serve a purpose, and that is to show that your herd mentality champagne anarchism is full of hypocrisy, and you have no understanding of any anarchic principles or doctrines.