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Bill Clinton Praying Hillary Becomes Obama’s Secretary of State

NEW YORK - USA - Former President Bill Clinton is keeping his fingers crossed that Hillary is appointed secretary of state for Obama's White House.

The thought of four years of Hillary Clinton almost continuously flying around the
world must have given ‘ol’ Bill’ a wry smile or two, or better still a twitch
in his y-fronts.

His wife Hillary is all set to become Obama’s secretary of state according to senior White House aides who affirm “the job is hers if she wants it”.

The former first lady is all set to enter the world stage as a very important cog in the Obama foreign policy overhaul. Although, she will at times have to compete for Obama’s ear with Joe Biden, she is all set for the biggest job of her career.

Leaving her husband Bill at home, she will embark on a jet set lifestyle for the next four years.

Bill Clinton will be very sad to see his wife go off for weeks on end, how will he manage to cope?

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