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Comrade Brown Congratulates Haringey Council

LONDON - England - Supreme 'unelected' leader, Comrade Brown and Commissar for Children's Brainwashing and Re-Education, Ed Balls have congratulated Haringey Council (Sector 41) on upholding the Labour Vision of Change during the Five Year Plan New Era of Brown-ism espoused by our supreme unelected leader last year.

Our supreme leader Comrade Brown was on hand today to show his Soviet appreciation of all Labour comrades working for Haringey council, especially the social workers who have made such an effort in protecting the children of the sector.

“Comrades, after having supped a mighty Soviet meal of cabbage soup and cabbage cake this afternoon with high ranking social service bureaucrats who are paid huge sums of taxpayers money to sit on their arses and do f*ck all, I am pleased to see the progress that is being made in this sector. My role as chief architect for the New Era of Change is something I take with great pride and this is why I would like to announce a hefty increase in surveillance cameras within this sector to monitor all prole activity and yet never solve any crimes, I have also ordered Commissar Ed Balls to applaud the many cases of incompetence, stupidity, gross negligence and utter waste of resources and time as is employed by the Haringey Social services. They have shown the Labour ideal of looking like you’re working and yet doing nothing. Yes comrades, this is what we must do. We must look like we are doing something for the proles, it’s really that easy.”

Labour’s wonderful legacy can be seen in the many upstanding achievements gained throughout their long reign as Bolshevik commanders and leaders of the workers struggle.

Haringey council’s Social Services Department is the flagship of Labour’s legacy, it epitomises the strength of Gordon Brown our supreme unelected leader, it symbolises the Labour ethos of “Spin Spin Spin and do F*ck-ing Noth-ing”. It symbolises the Labour ethos of cronyism and disregard of any form common sense. It symbolises the fact that madness is now the normal mode of operation in a crumbling system of buck passing where no one is ever held accountable.

Out across the Soviet state of Comrade Brown’s Britain, a grey land of no colour, dull, bloated and yet strangely emaciated, a chill wind is blowing. Nothing can temper the storm of illness that pervades this dark and dank torture hole, not even the millions of cctv cameras that invade everyone’s soul every day, not even the constant nanny-state baloney that is booted into our ear holes every day and yet nothing is done, not even the insane tax levels that have left the people destitute and moribund. There is no cure for the thousands of tortured children left to rot in Haringey council or the thousands across the country. All there is, is Comrade Brown and his voice on the televisual propaganda box, him and his officers of doom roughly farting their brussel sprout gas from their cake holes as they vomit the daily bulletin of lies out yet again.

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  1. I hope the father sues them all even if he loses. They need to be held accountable but I bet their neighbors know who there and is wondering how they can live with themselves letting that beautiful little boy be tortured to death. May God have mercy on them because I hold them to be responsible. Please don’t let this happen again to any other child, lets get proactive and take the children away from child abusers.

  2. Killers of children are rewarded in the UK. They get a nice cell to dwell in, playstation 3, dvd, good food and are allowed to surf the internet on their laptops. They are also protected by guards at all times and are not put near any other inmates. It’s a cushy existance and with good behavior they are out in 4 years AND GIVEN NEW IDENTITIES. They are then protected at all times and are even allowed to choose which country they want to live in. It seems to me that torturing children to death pays in the UK!!! All this while the victims get fucking nothing!?!?!

  3. Nothing will happen to Haringey council and nothing will happen to the killers either.

    There is no justice under the Labour government.

  4. They need to sack the lot of them, then they need to get people in who know what they’re doing and who are not there just to safeguard their huge salaries. This makes me so fucking angry that I want to do something!!!!

  5. They will get away with it. The system is designed to protect child murderers like them. Funny how they get protection and little Peter got none.

    These scum will be given new identities and shipped somewhere to live a new life, maybe in sunny California or

    They will be looked after by the gov. and no one will be held accountable at Haringey. You just watch what happens!

  6. no one is going to do anything about baby p…no one is accountable in Haringey council, they even sacked the whistleblower immediately

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