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Obama’s Outrageous Demands Before Moving into White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush's office was very offended today after hearing of the new president's demands.

There was outrage in the White House today as the outgoing president clashed with the incoming president-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

According to the White House press office, Barack Obama is demanding that Bush takes away the spittoons installed all around the top and bottom floors of the White House even including the spittoon in the middle of the Oval office.

“He can take his stinking spittoons with him, it maybe a cowboy tradition but things are going to change around here from now on,” an Obama aide told CNN.

President Bush had also installed a makeshift torture chamber in the basement of the White House where Dick Cheney could feel at home when he visited the chimp.

“All of Dick’s toys were installed in the dungeons to make him and Rummy at home when they visited the president. We got waterboarding, electric scrotal sac treatment and Mr Cheney’s favourite, yes you’ve guessed it, electric nipple clamps and a leash to pull you along while you are screaming in agony,” a proud member of Bush’s entourage explained.

President Bush’s feeding quarters which were built into the West Wing in 2001 have also caused some problems with the Obama team. There is bemusement about what to do with the hanging ropes, swinging poles and plentiful banana trees imported from Guatemala.

The transition from outgoing president to the incoming one has always presented many challenges for White House staff but they have shown their true colours by acting in a truly professional manner and mediating any problems that have arisen.

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