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Experts: Christianity Will Be Gone From Europe Within Decade

CROATIA - As millions of young Islamic men pour across the European borders, Christians must prepare for the massive projected decline of Christianity.

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The Christian faith is already declining within Europe and the final death knell is an estimated 35 million migrants being allowed into the continent from the Middle East.

“If we calculate 35 million more Muslims coming into Europe on top of the ones numbering 739 million, there will be an exponential growth in the Muslim population, due to their high levels of breeding. This sudden rise in the population will change the demographics permanently resulting in the eventual snuffing out of Christianity all together.

“Within ten years Europe will be unrecognisable as the Islamic hold on populations continues. European policy is such that nothing can be done about the deluge.

“Not only is Christianity on the back foot, but so is nationalism as the EU engineers a constant barrage of attacks on national sovereignty.

“If you are a Christian, you and your family can prepare for the changes that are taking effect by learning the Quran and adhering to Islamic laws. It could get dangerous for you and your family if you are not able to recite the Quran word for word in the future.

“Globalist techniques are certainly elemental in the mass migratory push, but so is war, therefore it is best practice to learn about defence and survival techniques which will be needed in a few years.”

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  1. I can’t see Christianity surviving. It has completed its purpose for now. We’re moving on. The NWO is here.

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