Germans Voted For Merkel Now Enjoy Mass Immigration

HAMBURG - Germany - There is hardly any mention in any main stream news about the huge influx into the country there are whispers, there is discontent, but mainly people are standing by just watching, silent.

Watching your country disappear from under your feet, there is no one else to blame but yourself. You voted for Merkel, you deal with the consequences of your actions.

There are over 300,000 homeless Germans, where is their hope?

The German unemployment figures in 2015 stand at 6.5%, not bad you say but this still equates to 2.78 million Germans who are being ignored by their own government as outsiders get the jobs and attention.

You voted for Merkel, and now you are being turfed out of your own homes to make way for others. You pay the price, as your beloved Fatherland is taken from under you, its sovereignty destroyed little by little.

The hamlets, the ancient Bavarian towns, the forests and hills will all be filled now, not with Germans, but those invited by Merkel.

You cannot block every coach coming, especially when there are 35 million others waiting behind the convoys. Too late. You can only watch in silence.


CREDIT: Netzplanet