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Bush Outraged at Russian Use of Excessive Force in Georgia

BEIJING - China - George W Bush took time out from watching the US Olympic female volleyball team to condemn Russia's invasion of Georgia.

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“These Russkies have used excessive force on an unarmed country to secure oil and gas pipelines. This action by Russia is totally unacceptable and America condemns the bullying of a small nation by a big powerful super power,” the president of the United States told reporters during the Olympic volleyball game.

Shock and Awe

Meanwhile, as the bombs and missiles drop in the tiny country of Georgia, there are concerns that the Russians are conducting an act that could trigger off World War III.

“It was alright for the Americans to take the oil in Iraq. Russia is no different and they (the Americans) cannot lift a finger against our little foray,” Russian Minister for Petroleum, Dmitri Volkov told Pravda News.

While Georgia does not produce oil itself, U.S. and European energy firms have
counted on the pro-Western country – sandwiched between Russia and Iran further
south – to host a conduit for oil and gas exports from Azerbaijan.

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