Welcome to Europe or Maybe Not

THE BORDER - Hungary - The highly irresponsible and incompetent European Union leaders put up the welcome sign last week to millions of refugees and economic migrants from the Third World, now the EU has shut its borders. Come to Europe they said.

Where’s Jean Claude Juncker when you need him? Probably on another jug of cognac by the looks of things at the borders.

What happened to Europe’s open arm welcome to hundreds of thousands of refugees and economic migrants?

Cruel Joke

“First it was all welcome, then they all shut their borders. I assume it was all one big tease. The funny thing is when they opened the borders, this gave hundreds of thousands more people from Africa and the Middle East the green light. Now it seems to have been for nothing as millions feel entitled to their European dream of massive welfare handouts. Just another day in the EU’s socialist paradise,” Hans Koenig, a reporter in Hungary told Reuters.

The backlog along the borders now extends for miles with desperate economic migrants shut out of their ultimate prize. So close, yet so far, their dreams shattered by the shambolic policies of the European DisUnion.

The fault is firmly on the shoulders of the indecisive incompetent EU leaders who don’t seem to know their elbows from their arses.

It was highly irresponsible for the EU leaders like Juncker to dangle the carrot in front of the refugees encouraging more human traffickers to gain a foothold along the borders invariably causing a spiral of human misery to escalate.