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How to Compliment a Feminist

LONDON - England - The Soviet technique of feminism is a tool utilised to fracture, divide, destabilise, ideologically subvert societies, destroying family units and creating a misandric hate-filled feminist society.

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All right, we’re going to get a lot of third-wave Marxist feminism coming our way because these are the orders from up on high so as a man you’ll just have to deal with it.

Here’s a few tips.

Never compliment a feminist, never open the door for her, in fact slam doors into them, and most of all never smile at a feminist, just ignore them as if they do not exist.

If they ask for you to stand up on a train and give up your seat, just ignore them.

Feminists hate you because you are male, they want you dead, they want to kill you even if you have not been born yet or they want you put into concentration camps as proposed by the feminist, Julie Bindel.

If a feminist opens her mouth and speaks, simply ignore everything she says, then walk away. Do not make any facial expressions, keep it as blank as a feminist’s date diary.

Never react to a feminist, because they want a reaction. Just walk away and ignore. If they shout out after you, keep walking.

Groups of men should turn their backs on known feminists, especially ones in the public eye. Celebrity feminists still want to be photographed and looked at for being beautiful, but if all male photographers simply turned their backs on them and photographed a non-feminist female celebrity, things may eventually change. All celebrity photographers who are male and not sympathetic to feminism should adhere to this rule.

If by some freak incident you find out the girl you’re dating is a feminist, dump her immediately. It does not matter how good looking she is, just dump her and move on to a non-feminist woman unless you want a rape charge hanging over you for the rest of your life. Do not enable feminists at all costs. Ignore them. The same goes for marriage, if your wife suddenly announces she is a feminist because of some shit she just read in a gossip mag, divorce her immediately.

Feminists want ‘equality’ (supremacy), so what does this mean when it comes to physical violence, after all they are still women? The first thing to do if a feminist punches you in the face hard is to brush it off and walk away, because their brand of equality is a one way hypocritical street, just do the honourable thing and walk.

If you meet a male-feminist, treat them like a female feminist except if they use violence against you, don’t hold back.

Never click on pro-feminist literature on the internet, because that means they get views and they feel ’empowered’. Do not enable them in any way, ignore. You may think that this article in itself is counteracting that advice by acknowledging feminists, but this is advice to men who wish to counteract feminism therefore it is perfectly justified.

Not all women are feminists, so there is still hope.


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  1. The way that I see it is that feminists do not employ logic or valid reasoning incorporated with fact. They seem to only be ruled by emotion and feelings. In other words they are big bags of oestrogen waiting to burst all over the place.

  2. So it’s our car, our flat and our money, but I notice it’s always her tits. There’s feminism for you.

  3. Most feminazis are deranged useful idiots. Do they not realise they are being used for a political agenda thought up by elite men? These men have no care for equality and when their agenda is complete will discard these foolish brainwashed wimmin like used condoms..

  4. You tell people to not click on feminist literature on the internet and yet you put two links up there one leading to killallmen on twitter? WTF?

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