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Stormin’ Corbyn Hails New UK Soviet Era

LONDON - England - The new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has already dusted off his 5-year collectivist plan, his vision for a thorough cleansing of the bourgeoisie and a bolshevik revolution that will see the rivers running red across Britain.

Naturally we predicted Corbyn would win the leadership contest months ago, snarf, snarf, but it wasn’t as if there was any competition for the role.

Prime Minister’s Questions will be the most entertaining skirmish festival of buffoonery this side of Boris Johnson’s Mayoral photo ops, and gallery seats will be changing hands for more than a few quid.

Trotsky, Stalin, Lenin, Brown, all rolled into one with Jeremy Corbyn, no watered down piss with Jerry, a Fabian unleashed onto the Etonions like a deranged rottweiler from some sink estate intent on chomping down on some foie gras fed meat.

Let the games begin.

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