Putin the Russian Mastermind That No One Can Beat

MOSCOW - Russia - It's official Russian troops are now on the ground in Syria backing up Assad's and Iran's military forces. Putin is the mastermind providing the strategic upper hand.


Vladimir Putin has once again shown the lacklustre sluggish Obama administration who is really pulling the shots, and there is nothing the Americans can do about it.

The Daily Squib warned of the line that goes through Syria in August 2013.

“What we have here is a classic move by Putin. Here are the Americans bombing Assad in a proxy war, and they think they have the whole place themselves to clean up. Wrong! Putin is now saturating the ground with his military forces, and all it will take is a misplaced missile from some gung ho U.S. jet killing Russians. What then? The risks are too high to even contemplate. If it were up to me, I would pull all American forces out of that hornets nest ASAP,” military analyst Brad Quantico, told Jane’s Defence.

No doubt, NATO special forces units are on the ground on the precept of fighting ISIS, however the real mission is to take Assad, and then Syria. When they encounter Russian ground forces now, what will they do?

Putin has shown impeccable strategic planning and is the brains behind operations that are running rings around the naive, lackadaisical Obama administration.

putin brains