First Californian Gay Couple to Tie the Knot

LOS ANGELES - CA - After the landmark ruling on Thursday outlawing the ban on gay marriage, the first Californian gay couple are now set to get married.

Dubya Gump, is putting a
California Supreme Court ruling in favour of gay marriage into action. Him
and his longterm older boyfriend, John Maccy Mcsenior, plan to marry, Gump has

He was attending a meeting for GOP election campaigners on Thursday,
the day the state’s high court overturned California’s laws against gay

He said that he and Maccy Mcsenior would be getting married.

Maccy Mcsenior, 135, who was
in the meeting, and Gump, 61, were applauded by GOP audience members.

The court ruling means that same-sex couples could tie the knot in as little
as a month. However, religious and social conservatives are seeking to put a
constitutional amendment on a ballot in November that would undo the Supreme
Court ruling and ban gay marriage.

Gump and the glamorous geriatric Maccy Mcsenior have been a familiar couple at Hollywood GOP events, including the Republican of the Year Academy Awards. (AP)

Additional reporting by P.W.Lowry

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