Comrade Gordon Brown Unveils New Fifty Pence Coin

LONDON - England - Our Supreme Unelected Comrade and leader Gordon Brown has unveiled the design for the new fifty pence coin.

Unelected comrade Brown announced at the People’s Republic Square in
Trafalgar on Monday to a gathering of the one party state and assembled
workers that Britannia will be removed from the fifty pence coin.

The imperialistic capitalistic remnant of the Phoenician Barati,
Britannia, will be erased thankfully by our supreme leader after over
300 years on the coin.

After signing away national sovereignty and all British laws to Europe in December, Britain (soon to be sector 4), will be joined to the United Europe Federation. The supreme unelected leader is erasing all past history – for
it is all irrelevant now under the new Brownite Era.

“I, as leader of the New Age of Change, announce from next week that all
prole workers and party officials will be able to pay for goods with the new improved fifty pence
piece. With the advent of the new design and the elimination of the
sordid imperialist capitalist image of Britannia there will be true
impetus embracing our new era within the Soviet Europe Union.”

Standing in the People’s Republic Square in Trafalgar, Comrade Brown
also announced an increase in the bread ration for the month of January
to one whole loaf per household per month. A supreme reward to all
prole workers for the increase in production in the New Era of


The supreme unelected commander then made a speech that surprised one of the party members and revealed him to be a traitor to the state.

“There has been criticism of comrade Milliband by the Central

Comrade Milliband – the most dedicated to our cause. He shall give his life for
the cause of the party. But we cannot overlook his weakness in certain aspect of
his work. Comrade Milliband as our Minister of Foreign Affairs, finding himself at
a “slippery” Diplomatic Reception, gave assurance to an American
diplomat that the capitalists can start to publish bourgeois newspapers in our
country. Why? Was that the place to give such an assurance, without the
knowledge of the Labour Party? Is it not self-evident that the bourgeoisie is our
class enemy and to promote bourgeois newspapers amongst our party people besides
doing harm, shall not bring us any benefit. If this were allowed to transpire,
we could foresee circumstances where the attacks against Socialism and the Labour government
would be started, first very subtly then overtly. This is the first political
mistake of comrade Milliband.”

Comrade Milliband was then escorted from the podium by four Stasi
guards and will thus continue his service to the state from a gulag somewhere in
Northern England.

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