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Comrade Gordon Brown Cleanses Britain of Sovereignty

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Our supreme unelected leader Comrade Brown has cleansed Britain of centuries of British democratic rights and sovereignty by handing all power and laws to the New World Order Single-Party unelected state of the European Union bloc.

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The European Union Bloc, which is ruled by unelected leaders and dictates the law for all in Europe, was sponsored by our supreme unelected comrade Brown.

The collective union is now one single entity and by joining the centralised control manifestation, Comrade Brown has effectively discarded hundreds of years worth of British sovereignty and law in one fell swoop.

Unelected leader Comrade Brown made a rousing speech for the party over dinner at the EU headquarters in Brussels about his role in dictating the fate of all in Britain.

“I, Comrade to the Union of European central government, relinquish the British people from sovereign British laws so they are ultimately controlled from Brussels. After hundreds of years of useless concepts like democracy, sovereignty and Britishness, I have finally discarded these failing systems for the final solution – One World Government in Europe.”

The glorious meal, attended by Comrades Psykozy and Merkel, consisted of cabbage soup and a wonderful pickled cabbage main course. Our great leader was shown to eat the same food as us Proles and was applauded when he burped his approval.

After the meal, Comrade Brown was presented with a bottle of weak ale brewed in Sector 101 (used to be called Northern Britain) as a gesture of our supreme leaders true courage in leadership.

The new European constitution is the same as the old one, but with a different name and has been embraced wholeheartedly by supreme unelected Comrade Brown.

The New World Order and one-party system is the final nail in the coffin for British sovereignty and, what’s more, the British people have no say in their destiny now and will never have any say in their destiny in the future.

Notice: B64114 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo!

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