George W Bush Secures Six-Figure Book Deal

WASHINGTON DC - George W Bush has secured a huge six-figure publishing deal to write a book after he leaves office in 2009.

The President of the United States of America, George W Bush, is going to write an instructional manual which will be published in 2009.

The president was offered a six-figure sum as an advance to complete the tell-all tome. The six-figure sum will be paid in Iraqi Dinars and is worth more than $200 at the current exchange rate.

The publishing arm of the Daily Squib brokered the deal with Pentagon aides yesterday at the White House.

The riveting read will expose the inner workings of the President and his cabal of White House aides over the years.

The book will form the centrepiece to his term in office and will also be utilised in American schools along with other Presidential favourites like “My Pet Goat”.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Complete Idiot
by George W Bush will be published by DAILY SQUIB PUBLISHING on April 1 2009. Pre-Order your copy at or any decent book retailer now.