Pavarotti Wrote Secret Opera

MODENA - Italy - Luciano Pavarotti wrote a large operatic masterpiece before he died in September 2007. The secret opera was discovered in a vault deep in the depths of his luxury villa on the Adriatic coast in Italy.

The first aria begins with two prima donnas bickering with intensity over their dead husband’s grave. The two first ladies each try to outwit the other with their prowess at song and wit. The subject, of course, is their deceased husband Pavarotti’s immense fortune and who should get the largest portion of the huge vault of money and jewels.

The second movement of the opera involves the two prima donnas being taken aback by the tenor arriving on stage as a lawyer informing them that their husband actually had a huge amount of debt and no fortune.

The denoument for the musical/visual feast involves the two prima donnas bickering on who should not inherit their husband’s debt, whilst the ghost of their late husband looks on and chuckles at the cynical bickering hags.

Composers from Teatro La Fenice have been poring over the manuals and have found it to be fully intact, as well as a wonderful composition rivalling anything by Rossini.

The opera will be staged worldwide in 2008 and will be performed by the famous Burlesconi opera group.

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