If Britain Headed EU Things Would Be Different

LONDON - England - A team of historians, economists and politicians working for the Fiscal Periodical research think tank have proposed a solution to the EU problem.

Keynes was British, and the EU elite communists in Germany are clueless when it comes to homogeneity within a fiscal system like the EU.

Germany never really had a world empire, they tried twice through war to do that but failed miserably.

Britain, on the other hand, had the British Empire which although faded, still has remnants remaining across the world.

If the Germans want to keep the EU, they should thus hand over complete control to Britain. We are much more qualified in micro managing vast empires than they are.

The Germans would of course be given a say in running the show, but would be asked politely to take a back seat.

The future of the EU is thus an entity led and controlled completely by Britain.