Bogeyman Osama Bin Laden True Video Location Revealed

LANGLEY - VA - Osama Bin Laden's recent address engineered to scare more people into accepting the War on Terror has revealed a major flaw in the clandestine filming operation.

Exclusive to the Daily Squib we can reveal the frames of the video that the Pentagon has not released to Al Jazeera and all the other US Government controlled news control centres.

The well-orchestrated leak of Osama Bin Laden videos are released at strategic times when the Bush agenda is at its weakest point and needs a boost.

The night before Bush’s re-election was a good time to release another bogeyman video and American voters made the right decision then as well – they re-elected ‘dumbo’.

This time Osama releases a video because Bush is being called out on the ‘troops in Iraq issue’ and wants the people to back him further as well as reinforcing September 11 patriotism.

Anyone who wants occupying troops out of Iraq will be called a traitor and shown the bogeyman video.

The Osama script this time is something out of a Special Ops training manual in ‘mass population fear-mongering’, and lo and behold, to scare the populace even further the monster is complicit in making ridiculous bogeyman scare tactics like, “You must all be converted to Islam.”

Whoever wrote the script must think we are all as stupid as George W Bush. It is painfully obvious that the whole video is a ridiculous ploy engineered to bring more fear to the Fox News watchers of America. No doubt, they will eat that up without any question. In a country where 3 out of 5 people cannot find the USA on a world map, anything is possible.

Next time Bush is in even more hot water, watch for the Osama video. It is almost like clockwork.