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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Je Suis Charles

WINDSOR - England - His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales has kindly written a piece for the Daily Squib, reminding us of his duties as future king.

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Hello, I am the Prince of Wales, Charles. I am also the prospective future king of England, Wales and Scotland, you know when mama finally, finally drops orf, sort of mid 2050ish or thereabouts.

One…er…just had to make that known, because in the papers recently there has been all of this Je Suis Charlie stuff and no mention of me, Charles, the future king, for heaven’s sake.

One does get rather flustered sometimes with all this terrorism about, it certainly messes with the architecture, you can’t have bombs nestling amongst the gadrooning, it’s absolute sacrilege.

One mentioned such horrors to Camilla the other day after watching the Frenchies running around in a panic, it was almost as if they had lost their Frenchiness by pottering around with automatic weapons. I seem to have rather fond memories of them waving white flags and such during the war. It is certainly good to see a petit fight back shall we say.

Anyway, please remember, Je Suis Charles. I shall be the future king. Do not forget that my future subjects.

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