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Why Only Free Love Can Cure World

ROME - Italy - World leaders and politicians have capitulated to an amazing solution to world conflict, terror and war -- it's called Free Love.


If people join together freely, everyone would be happy and have no cause for war any more. Love is the only cure for war, hatred, racism and economic inequality. Instead of fighting each other in division, we should embrace the spirit of Dionysus, the spirit of Bacchus, all the joys and pleasures of free love. We’re not talking hippy stuff, which was a movement created by the CIA, we’re talking about the original concept of love, the spirit of mankind before any religion, or state political concept was formed,” leader of the Love Party, , revealed on Tuesday in Rome.

How will global free love work?

“The first step is to hug people. If you see someone hug them. That is the first step. From then, politicians worldwide will designate free love zones where anyone who ventures into the zone can get free love whoever they are, whatever creed, religion or disposition. Eventually, we would expand to global love zones, including current terrorist infested countries. Anyone shooting with a gun will put their weapons down. The light of love is strong, and it will dazzle hatred. It will emanate from every pore within the person who shows love. All politics will be obsolete, all military weaponry will be crushed in scrap yards to make more beds for people to sleep in, all hatred will be eradicated because everybody will be happy. The economies of the world will explode with cream filled happiness. No one will go hungry, everyone will have their appetite sated for love, pleasure, for awareness and for infinite knowledge.”

What about terrorism and hatred for freedom?

“Love is freedom, a break from the shackles of systems designed to enslave us. Only total love can cure this terrible totalitarian disease. If a terrorist, uniformed or not, can be made to feel total love and peace, he or she has no cause to be a terrorist any more. The reason these people are so unhappy is because they are removed from love. If we bring them into the circle of love and light then they will know what the truth is and how far they have strayed. They will never turn back. Love will cure the world, no children need to starve any more, because the weapons that people build will no longer be there, that budget to build weapons and walls will be gone, instead it could feed every woman and child one thousand times over on earth.

“The pure light of Love is indestructible, it cuts through any form of human instilled enslavement, it brings knowledge and understanding to all who are dispersed, confused and sad. This is the only cure for the world — Free Love,” added, before being enveloped in a bright light.

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  1. We need to legalise all drugs for everyone and have free love. It’s the right thing to do I agree…

  2. I agree people need to f@ck more. If everyone is f@cking then there’s no time for anything else. I just read a horrendous story somewhere that the Japs are not f@cking any more. Absolutely incredible no chop suey? I’d commit hara kiri.

  3. sorry but this is really stupid people who love are unarmed i.e. their easy targets. it’ll never work.

    • After I read this I went to hug a stranger at a train station. The look of horror and shock on their face was terrible. This has to be some kind of joke because I nearly got hit. I’m just trying to give out some love. 🙁

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