Feminists Urged to Go Topless

LONDON - England - Feminists worldwide are being urged to celebrate feminism by going topless in public.


Jan Gette, the leader of FEMINAZ, a radical feminist group that has united other splinter groups together, is urging the use of free choice and freedom to be female.

“We want to show our breasts. We are women, we are one. All women who consider themselves free must take their tops off in public as a gesture of solidarity to the feminine voice. We must celebrate womanhood and our call to arms, to fight prejudice, inequality and the male dominated hierarchy. We do this by displaying our glorious breasts for your enjoyment.”

Worldwide feminists will show their support on Thursday, by revealing their feminine beauty to the rest of the world.

The sole stipulation for the radical action is that only slim, good looking feminists should go topless.

“Any girls with moustaches, hairy chests, or who are clinically obese are not advised to remove their tops. We are urging those wimmin to stay in the office pushing the feminist agenda on the internet,” Gette, herself, a leggy blonde with a 45 DD bust measurement, added.

As of yet, there has been no voice of disapproval from anyone of the proposed action.