Obama: “Neocons Will be Back”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - After three Defence Secretaries were dispatched under the Obama administration, there is clearly a message that is being relayed to the global community. Obama just doesn't like defence secretaries and he'd rather have his closed close knit circle pulling the shots.


“Obama’s action regarding U.S. foreign policy is to ensure the Neocons gain power in 2016. What he is doing is a reverse psychological advance play which causes Americans to ask what is going on in the Middle East? The American people are used to their government going to war at the drop of a hat, and yet here is Obama dismantling every notion they are used to. It’s a very simple strategy, a nonchalant attitude is adopted which leaves the people clamouring for war, it is a brilliant military strategy in reverse of the Bush administration’s sudden Gulf war which caused a lot of anti-war sentiment. When the public is against the actions of government, there is a drawback, especially when recruiting bodies for the military, the government wants people to be for war, not against it. What do the people’s opinion matter anyway? Well, when it comes to the supposed elections, there has to be some form of support from the dumbed down American population. It is better if they want war, because then they will freely give up their sons and daughters to the military machine. In any election within a so-called democratic system, it does not matter who wins an election, the people who work behind the scenes are still there, therefore the visible government may simply be a different colour, blue or red, but it’s just a different side of the same coin. This is how the fraud of democracy works, it is simply a method of bending public opinion towards a certain direction, then introducing a new president. You as a voter may think you voted, but you didn’t, because the system is designed in a relatively intricate manner which clouds the real intent of those behind the scenes. Vote Rep or Dem you get the same outcome. We want the public to clamour for war, to scream it from the roof tops, because then we will send your kids to have their legs blown up by IEDs in some dust riven shit hole.” Lewis Warre, a Pentagon military advisor told CNN.

The Neocon strategy will thus be, look at Obama, he pulled America from these countries and now there is a big mess. Let us, the Neocons fix this mess, all you have to do is give us your sons and daughters. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, there will be high fives around, with a big pat on the back for Obama. The big war is yet to come, you will see it, you will know what is going on, but you will be powerless to stop it because you will want it so bad.

Hail, the age of the resurgent Neocon, coming back for the final curtain call.