Stabbings Down From June

LONDON - England - Stabbings are set to fall in July because of new Police initiatives to actively fight crime.

A new Police initiative set to start in July will actively involve the Police forces in mainland Britain attempting to fight crime.
Resources which have been put into stopping motorists speeding and littering as well as fining petty crimes will be reassigned to serious crimes like fatal stabbings and violent crime by youth gangs.

This is the first time since 1997 that the Police will not devote their time to paperwork and traffic fines. The revenue that the Police forces have now raised through the network of 3 million Gatso Speeding cameras is topping 15 Billion pounds and has ensured generous overtime payments for officers in all departments as well as increased benefits in pension plans for all officers.

Last year alone the Met paid out 150 days paid leave for each officer in England and Wales alone, this was a reduction in payments for the year before and Met Police Chief Blair wants to reduce the numbers further.


Facts and figures


  • The Youth Survey 2007 is being carried out by Vargas for
    the Youth Justice Board between January and July 2007. VARGAS surveyed
    45,963 11-16 year olds in mainstream education and 58,621 young people
    excluded from school and attending a special project.



  • The Nature of Robbery Report findings were based primarily
    on data from over 200,000 crime reports and witness statements across
    seven police force areas in England and Wales at varying times between
    January and July 2007.


  • The British Crime Survey 2007 figures are based on
    interviews with 365, 844 adults living in private households in England
    and Wales carried out by BMRG Social Research between January2006 and June 2007.